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Bahrain: Citizen Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

The Judge Rules on Charges of Leaking Information and The Public Prosecution does Not Investigate the Violations of Human Rights by The National Security Apparatuses

17 September 2009

The undersigned organizations express their concern regarding the High Criminal Court’s ruling, headed by Judge Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Khalifa, on 16 September 2009 that charges the Bahraini citizen Hasan Salman with leaking private information on the National Security Apparatuses. The Judge sentenced him to three years in prison, and stated in the reasons of the sentence that, “the Court was satisfied with the validity of the confession of the suspect in front of the Public Prosecution, where he made the confession voluntarily without coercion, and that the suspect published the names in vengeance for the ones that had their names published for their role in arresting Ali Hasan Mushaima and Mohammed Habib Al-Muqdad. [Read more..]

Full article: http://byshr.org/?p=171


Arbitrary Detention of a Citizen for Disseminating Information

8 June 2009
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its deep concern regarding the continuing detention and health condition of the Bahraini citizen Hasan Salman, who was reportedly accused of leaking government information related to the National Security Apparatus. Worth noting that BCHR had issued a report earlier including information, figures and statistics about the National Security Apparatus showing the composition of this Apparatus which is based on sectarian discrimination and reliance on the recruitment of mercenaries, it also shed light on the increased violations committed by this Apparatus. [..Read more]

Full on:  http://www.bahrainrights.org/en/node/2914

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