14 May 2009, Thursday

–          Around 10 am – Hasan was arrested.

–          11am – Hasan with the police at his flat from where they have taken his work laptop, personal desktop, personal damaged old laptop and all his CDs which includes his personal private photos.

–          5pm – I was finally allowed to talk to Hasan over the phone from the security office at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation – Adliah. Hasan was ordered by someone else to say that they will let him go in 3 hours time.

–          9pm – Hasan was transferred to the General Persecution building to start questioning immediately.


15 May 2009, Friday

–          1am, Hasan and the lawyer came out of investigation room. We finally came to know his accusation: publishing of secret information over internet. A list of National security secret police was published 2 months ago over major Bahraini forums. Hasan is officially suspended for 1 week pending investigation.

–           4pm, we went to Directorate of Criminal Investigation – Adliah again, to deliver few things to Hasan: clothes, food, and books. They have refused to take any of these items and we were told to wait until Sunday because the whole Directorate is on weekened.


17 May 2009, Sunday

–         9am, we were allowed to deliver only 2 sets of cloths to Hasan at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

18 May 2009, Monday

–         We submitted a request to visit Hasan.

19 May 2009, Tuesday

–         We have received authorization to visit Hasan but still we have to get an appointment. We have submitted a request to get appointment to visit Hasan.

–         We received a call from Hasan, he was in a bad status.

21 May 2009, Thursday

–         Hasan was sent to minimum criminal court. We have seen him there and he was in very bad status. He told us that he is being threatened of torture if he didn’t confess the act of publishing that list.

–         The judge decided to extend suspension period for another 20 days!

10 Jun 2009, Wednesday

–          The case is forwarded to the maximum criminal court; the trial is set to be on 12 July 2009. Again court rejects request to release Hasan for any guarantee.

12 July 2009, Sunday

–          Hasan was presented to the maximum criminal court. He stated that he is not guilty with the accusation. His lawyer Mr Hafedh Ali raised an issue that he was not allowed to see the full reports and files of the case which is a violation to the rights of the accused. Also there was no comparison between the actual list of names with what was published online, to make sure that there is an actual case! Hafedh requested release of Hasan for whatever kind of guarantees the court may ask. Again his request was rejected. Hasan will stay in Jail until 16 Sep 2009 when the final judgment will be said, without even allowing him to have a proper trial where he can defend himself!

16 Sep 2009:

Hasan was  sentenced by the High Criminal Court to three years in prison.

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